4K vs 8K TV

The 1080p resolution has passed. Today we are living in the age of 4K and 8K televisions. A new question arises with new technology: ‘Which resolution TV to have at our home?’. What will be a perfect fit for us, 4K TV or an 8K TV?

We have come a long way from a huge round box, black and white TV to the modern day paper slim flat screen LED screens. Along with the size, color quality and pixel resolution are also constantly improved over the years.

8K TV content is not here

4K vs 8K TV Even if other prefers and affords to buy an 8k resolution, the availability of the product is not present everywhere. Only a few countries like Japan broadcasts 8K resolutions and that too for a limited amount of content.

There are certain videos on Youtube who claims to have an 8K resolution, while in fact, Youtube doesn’t support anything over 4K. But at the same time, a properly lossless compressed video can be easily upscaled to 8K. One can turn all the major blockbuster movies into 8K even though they are released in 2K resolution.

4K and 8K TV Comparison

4K vs 8K TV

Surely for an average viewer, there is not much difference between the quality of watching a regular video on 4K or 8K TVs. It all depends on the video details and the camera used for shooting, the compression technology, and other such factors.

For a movie shot with Imax cameras, one can even notice the smallest details such as a texture of a suit, or engravings on a wall. Along with that, 8K TV also offers better viewing of fast-paced action scenes with increased clarity. While there is some difference in 4K and 8K, it all depends on how much attention you are paying and mainly the type of video quality itself.

Final Verdict

4K vs 8K TV

While the 8K TVs are superior to 4K and fewer resolution TVs in every department, there are still other factors to take into consideration. 8K TVs are futuristic so are the 8K videos. Presently, they are only a slight upgrade over 4K TVs for a large price difference.

Technology is never constant, it always keeps on changing. What’s relevant today might become obsolete tomorrow. We can buy 8K TV for future purpose and it might become irrelevant by the invention of some new display technology. Our advice to readers is thinking in the long term, stay in present and prepare for the future.