Buying an LG Refrigerator? They Fail After a Few Years claims $500 million dollar lawsuit

In the Market looking for the perfect refrigerator? We won’t be able to help you select the best one but we can surely help you avoid the bad one, and its the LG refrigerator that you must avoid at all cost.

Buying an LG machine will most certainly cost you considerable wastage of time and money.

The reason you might encounter yourself with bad fate if you buy an LG freezer is because of problems related to defective design or manufacturing of ‘Compressors’ in their fridges.

This has lead to a Class Action Lawsuit against the Korean company. As far as the lawsuit is concerned, this defect causes LG freezers to malfunction within  few years of purchasing them.

The compressors seen among other fridges of different companies normally last at least 10 years but that’s not the case with these LG fridges they end up dead within few years of buying them.

The defect in these LG refrigerators is not centered to one particular type of Model but seen among fridges priced between the range of $1,400 and $7,000.

The Fundamental issue that is causing this problem is the ‘linear compressor’, the principal component subjected to the cooling function of the fridge.

The consumers associated with the lawsuit say that the Korean Company knowingly described and marked their freezers as Long lasting and productive, and did not disclose the shortcomings.

The displeasure of various other customers is visible on a Facebook page called “LG Life is NOT GOOD“. Here many people with LG fridges are complaining about the same issue, describing their loss of time and money.

One such post on Facebook made by Adam Bollmeyer‎ and posted on the LG Electronics USA page describes this issue in detail.

Adam’s experience is quite scary. His defect was with the ice maker tray tubing and wiring insulation. His wiring insulation broke down with 120 volts of live copper wiring exposed, this could have easily harmed his family members.

Adam also recommended everyone not to buy LG fridges and pledged to do the same.

LG is yet to comment on this issue, but they most certainly should act now to avoid any more controversies. The goodwill of the company is at Risk.