Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Pie

The rollout for Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Pie update started in February and has been reaching all over the world.

While some Samsung users are happy with the Android 9.0, other Galaxy S8 are having a lot of troubles with Android Pie update. The update roll out is about to finish, but beta users have complained about several bug issues.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Pie Update Problems

samsung galaxy s8 android pie

Android Pie 9.0 update has bought a bundle of new features to Samsung Galaxy  S8 users. Whether it’s an Adaptive Battery or a totally new Interface, Android version 9 got it all for Samsung phones.

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But the Android 9 update has also added a lot more of troubles, there are several new bugs, which has troubled the users. These issues have affected the performance of Galaxy S8 and should be fixed soon.

Battery drain Issue

Galaxy S8 battery issue

Samsung users have been complaining that their battery now drains much faster. While for someone, Galaxy S8 is taking almost 5 to 6 hours for charging. Android Pie update has totally messed with their phone batteries.

Google Apps Problem

Google Clock Error

Several Google Apps are not functioning properly after the Galaxy S8 updated to Android Pie. Many users are having issues with their Google Alarm clock. The clock symbol is missing on the status bar, which leads to confusion whether the alarm is on or off.

Play Store Issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 Play Store Error

Android Pie update has made installing new Apps a lot more troublesome. Several third-party apps now cannot be installed, while for some users, App installation is taking too long.

Is anyone else getting the issue on Pie where if you go to update your apps in the Google Play Store, and then go to another app, it does not continue downloading all the updates? How can we fix it?


Bluetooth Issues

Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issue

In several Galaxy S8 phones, the Bluetooth icon has gone after the Android 9 update, users have to go to settings to turn on Bluetooth. Also, connecting a new Bluetooth device to a phone has become quite difficult, the connection is terminated randomly.

Messages not working Properly

Samsung Galaxy S8 Message error

Many users have complained that the new messaging system in Android 9.0 Pie update takes up half of their screen. While for some other Galaxy S8 users, they are unable to sent messages.

Background Apps shuts down

background app error

Background running Apps like Spotify are now killed randomly without any indication. Android Pie has an Adaptive Battery feature to disable unused Apps, but it seems it got some bugs that need to be fixed.

Late Notifications Issue

Galaxy 8 late notifications

Samsung Galaxy S8 famous notifications system also seem to be infected by the new bugs in Android Pie update. One user has complained that notifications arrive after a lot of delays.

Recently i noticed that all my notifications are coming 15 min-1 hour later than they supposed to do. For example i receive a YT notification and check the video and its uploaded like hour ago, same for other apps Anyone had same issue?

WiFi-Hotspot Issue

Galaxy s8 Wifi error

Many Galaxy S8 users are having WiFi connectivity issues after the Android Pie Update. In some cases, Hotspot gets disconnected after a short time. Also, the Mobile data seems to malfunction is some cases.

One UI Problems

Samsung Galaxy S One UI Problem

One of the major new feature of Android Pie Update for Galaxy S8 was a brand new interface One UI. But, it seems that users are not happy with it, several people have complained on Twitter about the bugs in One UI.

When will Samsung Fix the Issues?

Galaxy s8 future fix

Samsung is not dumb enough to keep the bugs affecting its Galaxy phones for too long. Bugs are being fixed as soon as they are discovered, and newer updates are also fixing the issue.

The next update from Samsung will decide how much errors have been rectified. With the release of Android 10 this year, let’s see how fast Samsung fixes the bugs. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Samsung Galaxy updates and other news.