Android Q: List of Possible Names For Android 10

At the verge of its release, Android 10 Q,  Google’s upcoming Android OS has garnered attention for the probable name that it would have.

Google successfully released the most awaited version of its popular Android OS, Android P. Android P or Android Pie was a big update, and the update has been rolled out in majority compatible devices.

The 10th Android version has the starting letter Q reserved for it.
The 10h Android version name still in development. Credits: Fossbytes

Android P has tons of new features, and Google has freshly baked and prepared this android version. But as the world is moving forward, so are people’s mind, and Android P isn’t something people talk about anymore.

Given that Android P was the most delicious Android version after Gingerbread. The tech industry is looking forward to Android 10. It is quite an early stage to discuss the next version of the Android Operating system.

Android 10: Rumours and Leaks

Google as always is extremely secretive about the successor of Android P. So far, the search giant is tight-lipped about the latest venture of its Android Operating System.

Until the new operating system is released or teased by Google, nothing is certain. Based on the trial and error naming structure, the people in the tech industry have named tenth desert-theme OS with Q. This also put Google in a tight spot, and there aren’t a lot of options to choose from.

What will Google Call the 10th Android Operating System?
System-wide dark mode available on Android Q. Credits: Andro Guru

This still didn’t stop some of the people to put their heads together and to come up with a name. These people have made a list of what the upcoming Android Q might be named. They have even rounded up everything else related to Android 10.0.

Release date and launch of Android 10

Google has not yet given any official word related to the release date of Android Q. By the looks of it, Google is exceptionally rigid related to its schedule.

The developer preview will begin in March. Later Android Q will feature a public Beta announcement, of its Android OS. This will happen during the Google I/O in May and June. A full release of the Android Q version of the Operating System will arrive in August.

What will Google Call the 10th Android Operating System?
Samsung DEX competitor that displays your phone with a traditional PC. Credits: Mobile Syrup

Google has made a significant notable change during the Android Developer Summit which will take place in November 2018.

The search engine giant has suggested that there will be an Image from a Generic Source. This Generic Source Image is available for the Pixel devices before the developer preview of Android Q which will take place in March.

What will the new Android Q be called?

One of the options states that the Android Q will be called Android Quality Street. Android Quality Street is a name which is reserved for the British fans. The name Android Quality Street speaks a lot about the rest of the list.

Then comes Android 10 Quiche. Quiche isn’t utterly synonymous with the sweet taste. How about the caramelised onions? – This move might be one of the best efforts made by expert reviews. The Quiche is a picnic staple food item which moves of the people likes to have.

What will Google Call the 10th Android Operating System?
New dessert for Google Android Q. Credits Android Soul

Google usually selects the food items which are sweet for naming its Operating System. Qottab is a deeply-fried pastry which originates from Iran. The desert is filled with powdered sugar as well as cardamom. The desert is a middle eastern doughnut, and it is delicious.

How about Android 10 the Queen of Puddings? This is another British dessert, the Queen of Puddings is made up of mixture developed from breadcrumb, they are topped with cream and jam.

Android 10 OS : Android 10 Quesito or Android 10 Quinoa?

Quesito is a pastry which is filled with far-flung shores of Puerto Rico, and a Questo is filled with vanilla cream and cheese.

They are sometimes mixed with fresh fruits such as guava and papaya. Android 10 Quinoa, is another Android hipster which people all around the world are waiting for. Quinoa isn’t typically a dessert.