Samsung started rolling out the Android 9.0 Pie update for the Galaxy S8 fraternity of devices in February this year. Now the update has finally landed for carrier-locked users in the US. Sprint was the first to offer the device in the country and the first mobile network provider to roll out the update.

But it looks like the Sprint Galaxy S8 Android Pie 9.0 update has caused malfunctioning of LTE Connectivity. The customers who own one of the phones are now facing serious cellular reception problems.

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What’s the issue?

Those who updated to this latest version of Android their phones are now prone to loss of LTE connectivity and the worst thing is there’s no solution to be found.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 9.0 Pie Update

It looks like the update was rushed in by the network carrier in order appease its customers, Sprint now has made a huge blunder. This sort of thing is not expected from such a popular carrier.

This issue is not just limited to the Samsung Galaxy 8/8+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phones. In fact, the same bug occurred with some Galaxy S10 units too. Although this has been fixed for the Galaxy S10 units, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 problems are yet to be fixed.

Many owners of the defected units have expressed their displeaser in various forums, describing their issue and trouble they faced.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 9.0 Pie Update

Sprint in their statement has said that they are finding a way to fix the matter. Both Samsung and Sprint are reviewing the grievances that some devices in the Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup are incapable of connecting the to 4G network(LTE) following the update to Android 9.

As a precautionary measure, the Android 9.0 Pie update is put on hold and cannot be downloaded. A new update fixing the issue will be released later.

Users can still use their 3G and WiFi Connections when necessary. Not having 4G in this day and age feels medieval. Hope both Sprint and Samsung can solve this mess ASAP.