Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S11 is a long haul from now. However, news and leaks concerning the device are already pouring in at full swing.

Here we have rounded all the rumors and our little wishlist regarding the new Samsung  Galaxy S11 or whatever the South Korean giant may like to call it.

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A Real Full-Screen Display

What we mean by this is that the new Galaxy device should ditch the notch and even the punch hole camera system as seen on the Galaxy S10 and embrace an all screen design. No cutouts for the camera or anything just that magnificent AMOLED Panel.

Samsung Galaxy S11 specs display

All smartphone manufacturers are inching closer towards this goal, but still, there’s room for improvement. We believe and hope that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will truly be bezel-less.

Audio Jack

Even major phone marker has shifted and has discarded the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack from their devices. The only lone survivor left is the Korean smartphone giant.

The Galaxy A80 was the first Samsung device to ditch the audio jack, and it looks like, Samsung will follow the same trend with their flagship. Which is a bummer.

5G is coming

We are expecting that the Galaxy S11 will natively support 5G. We also believe that Samsung will use the Qualcomm’s latest 5G modem chips, the X50, and X55.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 specs 5g price release date

Better Cameras

The current gen Galaxy device, the S10, has a dual camera system. We suspect that Samsung will up the ante with their upcoming flagship and use a triple or even a qual camera system.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera

We might also see a 64MP camera on the Galaxy S11.

Price and Release Date

Past few years trend shows that Samsung releases their flagships along the lines of Mobile World Congress. The same thing happened with the Galaxy S10, S9, S8 launch all of them debuted during or after MWC.

So we expect that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will make its appearance during MWC 2020.

Pricing will definitely see a bump when compared to the previous generation. We suspect, the Galaxy S11 to hover around the $1000 mark.