Samsung Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s flagship offering in the markets right now. The phone comes out in three variants: the regular S10, the lite S10e, and the larger S10+. However, each of these smartphones also come out in two variants based on their processor: Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos or Galaxy S10 Snapdragon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants
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Let us take a closer look and understand why Samsung has two different processors, as well as which is the better of the two:

Why Two Different Processors?

The basic idea behind introducing two different processors is that these phones are meant for different regions. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos variant is targeted for the European and Asian markets. This is because the GSM and LTE networks are more popular here.

Galaxy S10 Exynos vs Galaxy S10 Snapdragon Processor
Image: Android Authority

In the US and some other countries, the Snapdragon variant is used because it also supports CDMA, which is the network that companies such as Verizon user. Hence, Samsung has two different processors – the homegrown Exynos brand as well as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos vs S10 Snapdragon: Which is the Better Processor? 

The processor dictates several aspects of a smartphone’s performance. This includes the speed of the device, the network connectivity, the internet speeds and the battery life among others. It is critical to have the right processor to power the smartphone. Let us take a look at Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Snapdragon and see which emerges the winner.

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Antutu and geekbench ratings
Galaxy S10 Exynos vs Galaxy S10 Snapdragon Antutu
Image: PhoneArena

Based on the Antutu and Geekbench ratings, the Snapdragon variant has a slight edge over the Exynos variant. However, Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos outperforms the Snapdragon processor when only a single core is taken into account.

GFXBench Rating
Galaxy S10 Exynos vs Galaxy S10 Snapdragon GFXBench
Image: PhoneArena

In the GFXBench rating, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos easily outperforms the Snapdragon variant of the smartphone. Basically, this means that the Exynos variant is much better for gaming compared to the Snapdragon variant.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos vs S10 Snapdragon: Battery Life Comparison

Galaxy S10 Exynos vs Galaxy S10 Snapdragon Battery Life
Image: PhoneArena

When it comes to the battery life performance, it appears that the Snapdragon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 performs significantly better. It offers 7 Hours and 30 Minutes of battery life as opposed to the 6 Hours and 45 Minutes on the Exynos variant.