Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the first phone with integrated 5G hardware since the Motorola Moto Z3 used a 5G Moto Mod.

Interestingly Motorola Moto Z3 was able to beat the LTE network using an external attachment. The expectations from for the first true 5G phone rose up.

On the other hand, Verizon launched its 5G network last month in Chicago and many media outlets jumped on the bandwagon to test out the 5G capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G speed

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G speed test

TechRadar tested out the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G  on Verizon’s ultra-wideband and iPhone XS Max to compare the speed of 5G and 4G network. The iPhone XS Max was connected to the AT&T 5Ge network.

5Ge stands for 5G evolution which means it is a better version of 4G and not a true 5G network.

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According to results reported by TechRadar, the Samsung Galaxy S10 was able to download the Fortnite in 2 minutes and 55 seconds and took 2 minutes and 23 seconds to download the Asphalt 9: Legends.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

TechRadar concluded that the speed is hovering around 1Gbps as reported by several other publications and media houses. Even though it might look like that the claim of 1.4 Gbps speed is false. But the speed does depend on several other factors like the environment and signal strength.

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The speed of the network is also affected by the servers from where the data is being fetched. The speed of 1.4Gbps is predicted in the lab conditions where every variable is controlled.

However, the speed of 1Gbps is not bad. Considering the fact that several high-end flagships with LTE support struggle to touch the speed of 20 Mbps. The speed of the 5G network will improve with time as the related infrastructure and hardware improve.