Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Pros

Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 last week. The phone had been awaited for quite some time – and the early impressions lived up to the hype. Initially, this phone comes out in three variants: the Galaxy S10, S10+, and the S10e. However, Samsung also announced a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Price
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While the first three variants will be immediately available, it’ll be some time before we get to see Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Given that the 5G technology is yet to roll out in full-scale the delay in the release makes sense. The phone offers a different set of specifications – with the 5G network speeds being the highlight of the phone. With that in mind, here are some pros and cons of this upcoming Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: Pros

Here are some reasons as to why Samsung’s flagship 5G smartphone is worth the wait!

  • The biggest reason to perhaps wait for the 5G-enabled variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 is the faster speeds that the phone will support. With Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, users will be able to connect to 5G networks. This feature is not a part of the other three variants of the S10.
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Camera
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  • Another reason why the 5G variant has an edge over the regular Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones is the battery life. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G features a 4,500mAh battery. This is significantly stronger than compared to the 4,100 mAh battery that the Galaxy S10+ offers.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ come with a triple-camera setup. The Galaxy S10e offers a dual camera setup. However, the 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with four cameras on the back! This includes a 3D depth camera allowing better live focus and AR experiences on the phone.
  • Furthermore, the 5G variant also comes with the biggest display of the lot. The smallest being the S10e, which comes with a 5.8inch screen, followed by S10 with 6.1inches, S10+ with 6.4inches. However, the S10 5G smartphone offers a massive 6.7inch display!
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Cons
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  • Samsung has also ensured that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G offers a faster wireless charging experience. While the other three variants support 15W wireless charging standards, the 5G variant is a cut above the rest. It supports wireless charging at 25W!

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: Cons

Here’s a look at what can go wrong with this 5G smartphone from Samsung:

  • A higher price point is one factor which draws many users away. Considering that the S10e, S10 and S10+ are priced $749.99, $899.99 and $999.99 respectively, the S10 5G smartphone is easily expected to be beyond $1000 – making it quite a costly affair!
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Pros and Cons
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  • Those who require more storage might also consider skipping the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. Unlike the S10e and S10, the phone does not offer expandable storage. Moreover, unlike the S10+, the 5G variant comes with only one storage space option: 256 GB. If you think that’s too less – you might want to look at other options!
  • One final reason why most people are hesitant about buying the 5G phone is the network itself! Not all carriers are currently on-board with immediately rolling out the 5G connectivity options. Moreover, it might take a really long time before the entire country gets connected on the network! Considering how new the technology is, you might just want to wait!

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