Last month, Samsung made the announcement about Samsung Galaxy S10 5G which is 7.94 millimeters thick and the foldable Galaxy Fold. Several device makers and carriers are preparing to announce their first 5G smartphones. However, this is accompanied by some concerns. According to earlier prototypes, the devices looked thick with crazy pricing.

It showed that the 5G devices may not be necessarily thick, but the pricing quotient still remained open. Would the 5G smartphones be priced over $1,500 or more?

Last month, Samsung made the announcement about Galaxy S10 5G which is 7.94 millimeter thick and the fold able Galaxy Fold.
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Thankfully, the answer to that question is no. But that doesn’t mean that they will be available at cheap rate either. According to reports, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256 GB version will cost you around $1,200 or $100 less than the entry price. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 512GB version of the phone would be close to $1,350. This is a lot to ask for any smartphone.

Why is the Galaxy S10+ 5G more expensive than the Galaxy S10?

The pricing has placed a delta of $200 between Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G models of  Samsung. However, high prices are not just attributable to the 5G feature. The Galaxy S10 5G includes features like extra camera, larger screen, front and rear 3D depth-sensing camera capabilities, and bigger battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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The premium features indicate that the company has utilized some portion of the $200 premium for adding the 5G capabilities to the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Further, the 5G premium of Samsung is much similar to OnePlus. Last year, OnePlus has announced that it would limit the 5G premium to $200 or $300 as compared to the previous $550 models.

Though it has not made an official announcement regarding the 5G phone’s price, its business is built mainly on aggressively priced phones. It would be able to compete with flagship 4G devices Like Apple’s iPhone XR at $750.