Who will be the better of Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods battle? Samsung made the foray in true wireless earphones market with IconX and recently launched its newest iteration Galaxy Buds.

On the contrary, Apple launched its AirPods in the answer for removing the now missing headphone jack.

So if you are considering to buy a true wireless earphone from any of these brands keep on reading.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods:


Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple Airpods

The Galaxy Buds are a more refined version of its older sibling IconX with 30 percent reduction in size and more ergonomic design. Galaxy Buds use magnetic induction for charging and the case also support wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Airpods

Apple AirPods, on the other hand, are similar to Earpods if you add the cables. Apple ships two different variants of cases one with wireless charging capabilities and other uses lightning cable.


Due to the snug fit that Galaxy Buds provides they provide better isolation and ample bass at lower volumes and provides ambient sound with onboard mics to help you hear the world around you.

On Apple AirPods user may need to crank up the volume for sufficient bass as they let in a lot of noise. They do provide a better soundstage.

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Even though Samsung claims that Galaxy Buds are not only made for music but for calling also. We found calling experience much better on AirPods.


Once fully charged you should expect about six hours of music playback and five hours of calling on Galaxy Buds. The case also holds around seven hours of battery backup with a quick charge feature.

One notable feature is Powershare with which you can charge your Samsung Galaxy Buds with Galaxy S10 and S10+.

Galaxy Buds vs Airpods

Apples AirPods provides five hours of battery life and you can expect to charge that more than five times from the case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods: Final Verdict

The Galaxy Buds are miles ahead in performance and battery life and when coupled with the price tag of $129.

If you are someone who is heavily invested in Apple ecosystem you may go the route of AirPods due to their integration with the ecosystem and Siri only control only at $159 or $199. However, if you prefer Android and are looking for an AirPod alternative for Android, then Galaxy Buds is the way to go.