The latest Samsung Galaxy Buds deal will have wireless earbuds run for their wallets. Thanks to AT&T’s latest sale, the price of Apple Airpods alternative has now been reduced to a mere $97.49.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Deal Brings Its Price Down Under $100

The brand new version of Samsung’s wireless earbuds has a lot of latest tech which makes it very attractive. However, if you look in the places, you can actually get the Samsung Galaxy Buds price for less than $100.

Samsung Galaxy Buds features

The Galaxy Buds were announced with the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy Buds are going to be replacing the Gear IconX headphones which came out last year. Instead of focusing all on the fitness side of things, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are made to focus on day to day life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Deal Brings Its Price Down Under $100

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are water resistant. They have a mode named quick ambient mode which will allow you to listen to outside noises when you are listening to music.

The company has also improved on the battery life of the Buds compared to last year’s edition. However, one of the major improvement in the Galaxy Buds is the case itself.

The charging case has a USB-C port which will allow for charging through the wire. But, it also supports Qi wireless charging. If you have a fully charged case, it will be able to add seven hours of playback to the Galaxy Buds.

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Galaxy Buds deal – price discounted by 25%

Samsung Galaxy Buds Deal Brings Its Price Down Under $100

The features alone make the Samsung Galaxy Buds worth the $129.99 price tag. however, AT&T has a limited time offer on them. The deal runs out on 11th of April and this deal will see the price drop to $97.49. However, it is still unclear if the white version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds is going to be included in the 25% off promotion.

Twitter reacts to the latest Samsung Galaxy Buds deal