The Royal family

The Royal family is ruling the British countryside for centuries and today they are the hottest topic for celebrity gossips. Whether its a new member in the house, or if someone wears a new dress, it all becomes news. Both of the princes, Harry and William married girls from Hollywood industry (Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle), thus bringing even that audience to the mix.

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There are a lot of rumors and going around these days which has brought the Royal families into the main headlines. Here are the latest in trend news about every major member of the first family.

Kate and Prince William Divorce

Kate Winslet and Prince William divorce

There are a lot of rumors these days claiming that Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to have a divorce. It started when there were reports of Prince William having an affair with Rose Hanbury, one Kate’s close friend. The whole incident got so out of control, in the end, the Royal couple threatened to take legal action against the tabloid that reported it. It should be noted that it was not the first incident about Kate and Prince William having a fight, there is clearly something not right between the two.
As for the possibility of a divorce, it is very complicated and less probable to happen. The Royal family have a totally different set of rules regarding divorce, and also no one wants to repeat what happened with Princess Diana. Some reports also claim that despite her husband cheating, Kate will never have a divorce, as she wants to be the Queen of England someday.

The new Duchess of Sussex

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she has been in the limelight more than Kate Middleton. The battle between Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) and Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) is one hell of a cold war. The two sisters-in-law behave very nicely with each other in front of the cameras. But according to the insiders, both of them don’t like each other at all.
Meghan Markle has been in the Top 25 most Influential women list, while there is no mention of Kate Middleton in that. Last year also, Meghan was in the best-dressed celebrity list, while Kate was missing there too. It looks like Meghan’s increasing popularity and good relations with her husband Prince Harry is also troubling Duchess Catherine.

Meghan and Prince Harry becomes Parents

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Kids

As of May 6, Meghan Markle gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in early morning 5:26 am at the Buckingham Palace. The baby of Duke and the Duchesses of Sussex has been named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Its been a month now and the Baby Sussex has been in the news since then.

Now, it is reported that Meghan Markle wants to move to the United States for a few days to spend time with her grandma, Doria Ragland. Once the baby is old enough to get on a plane, Meghan will take her to Los Angeles so that her side of the family can meet them. Prince Harry is in awe with his newborn son and always sharing adorable posts on social media about Archie.

Queen Elizabeth is retiring?

Queen Elizabeth retirement

Queen Elizabeth II  has been ruling the country of England since the year 1947 and it is time someone else takes the throne. She has turned 93 years old this year and at this age, it is difficult for her to move around for medical reasons. But the Queen shows no sign of retirement, and want to continue as long as she can. Until the Queen is in good shape and health, she wants to be the ruler.

Although she has been a bit less active these days, and rarely flies out of the UK. For most of the international trips, the younger generation of the Royal family flies out. The next in line to be the ruler of England is Prince Charles, who itself is 70 years old.