Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton

After Kate Middleton recently broke out a royal protocol, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly not happy with her move.

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The Monarch Elizabeth is frustrated with not the usual rule breaker, Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge has allegedly broken some rules sometimes.

Kate Middleton’s Public Display of Affection

Queen Elizabeth not happy with Kate

A recent report claimed that Kate Middleton greeted Her Majesty with a peck on the cheek at the Chelsea Flower Show. Making into the headlines, the Monarch attended Chelsea Flower Show to support the garden she designed in a public ceremony.

The gentle act of kiss by Duchess of Cambridge was noticed by many. The royal family members are reportedly firm against the display of affection in public.

Monarch doesn’t like Kate Middleton’s footwear: Reports

Queen Elizabeth and prince harry

For the Chelsea Flower Show event, Kate Middleton was seen as wearing a pair of wedge shoes. The monarch disapproved and called the wedge shoes as “notorious wedge-hater.”

A source revealed to the Vanity Fair that Queen Elizabeth has a disliking for certain footwear. The Royal Family women are aware of the Queen’s choice.

To a certain set of rules, the Royal family remains painstaking strict, reveals Amanda Harding. When Duchess of Cambridge unfollowed some rules while in the company of Prince William and Queen herself, the Monarch became frustrated about it.

Queen could not disgrace Kate Middleton in public

Queen Elizabeth and kate middletone

Despite breaking the specific protocols, Kate Middleton is not bound to receive public disgrace from Queen Elizabeth.

Zoe Forsey from the Mirror believes that with a peck on the cheek, Kate Middleton does not have broken the protocol. She says, on less formal events it is instead a familiar gesture by the Duchess of Cambridge.

The royal members, including Prince Harry, Prince William, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Zara Tindall have also made this typical gesture.

In other reports, Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth have become allies and share a great relationship with each other.

Sources revealed that it took a year before Queen Elizabeth went on the engagement together with Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.