Kate Middleton Prince Charles divorce cheating

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary this April. The royal couple’s loved ones were really happy for them. But the divorce rumors continue to surround the relationship of the royal couple. So are the two actually thinking of splitting up?

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Rumors claim Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton

As per the reports, rumors of Kate and William’s fight over lies and secrets are swirling online. Things escalated when Princess Diana’s older son was linked to Rose Hanbury. She is a close friend of the Duchess of Cambridge. It is said that the two were cheating on Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton and Prince William divorce cheating
Credits: Page Six

People have also heard that Kate tried to get Rose booted out of the Royal circle. Kate Middleton and Prince William both refused to say anything about the “cheating scandal.” But Prince Charles couldn’t stop himself from taking action against the ongoing rumors. He has threatened to file a suit against In Touch Weekly for spreading these malicious claims.

Despite the constant rumors, William and Kate continue to show the public that everything is perfectly fine between them. They shared their pictures along with their kids. The royal family was seen spending a good time at the garden in the Chelsea Flower Show designed by Kate Middleton. These pictures prove without a shred of doubt that the divorce rumors making rounds on the internet are just that – rumors.

Kate Middleton and Prince William divorce cheating
Credits: Town and Country Mag

Kate spent a long time designing that garden along with Daives White Landscape architects Andree Davies and Adam White. She believes that connecting with the nature is important for mental and physical health. Spending time with nature has a positive impact on child development.


According to the recent photos, the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge seemed really happy. It discredited all claims that the royal couple is filing for divorce. So the fans must stop believing the fake rumors regarding the divorce of the royal couple.