Kate Middleton divorce with Prince William separated cheating

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding were one of history’s most prestigious and people already fond of the two. They are the representation of a real-life prince and princess who found their happily ever after. But surprisingly, there are rumours circulating that Prince William is caught having an affair outside their marriage.

Kate Middleton divorce with Prince William
Credits: Daily Express

Is Kate Middleton divorcing Prince William? Did he really cheat on her?

These claims started when reports said that Kate Middleton found conscious on the bathroom floor after finding out Prince William and Rose Hanbury’s supposed affair. Middleton reportedly cried hysterically till the time she fainted according to some sources. Her mother-in-law allegedly found her crumpled on the floor.

There are other claims that said Middleton has been ‘skipping meals and has trouble sleeping’. She’s afraid that she won’t be able to keep their marriage together.

Kate Middleton hints divorce with Prince William
Credits: Daily Mail

But these claims has several loopholes. In recent interviews, Kate Middleton gave no clue about her tormented state even where there are latest addition to the rumors every few days. The followers of the royal couple cannot stop worrying as there is no substance in these malicious claims. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge however, seems very happy together.

Kate Middleton and Prince William also shared pictures of Prince Louis on his first birthday last April with them being clearly joyful. They are now scheduled to meet their nephew, Meghan and Harry’s son, soon.