Prince William and Kate Middleton, the royal couple celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary this year. However, recent reports have suggested that road might be rocky for the golden duo. Cheating allegations loom on the Prince among rumours of a potential divorce.

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Price William and Kate Middleton marriage rumours adrift

Prince William cheat  Kate Middleton divorceThe UK Publication, The Sun recently reported that Kate Middleton wanted Rose Hanbury out of the circle friends of the couple. The report did not reveal the reasons for this decision by the Duchess. Rumours suggest that this was because Prince William was cheating on Kate with her.

There is no hard evidence to support the claim. Nevertheless, the tabloid magazine ran an article that stated that the Duke and Duchess are considering divorce.

Another report stated that Kate Middleton has made her decision regarding leaving Prince William. They also said that she is soon going to move out of the Royal Residence with the three kids.

Contradictions around

prince william and kate middletonBut the rumours do not seem to hold any weight as the Royal Couple were seen together on the Easter Sunday service along with the Queen. Moreover, William and Kate also visited Cottage in Windsor. This act was to showcase support for Meghan Markle, who is expecting.

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Another reason the rumours seem baseless is that the couple seems to have elaborate plans to celebrate their wedding anniversary.