Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce

Prince William and Kate Middleton are always in the news. There is something or happening in their lives. However, lately, they have been in the news because of a rumor. Moreover, this rumor has broken the heart of their fans as well. It is rumored that Prince William cheated upon Kate. And because of this cheating, they will get divorced. Read the full story here.


Prince William and Kate Middleton: the cheating

It is said that Prince William and Rose Hanbury had a “romantic affair.” This is according to the Richard Kay to Daily Mail. Kay is a royal expert.

According to him, this was sometime in March. Rose Hanbury is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. She is also a very good friend of Kate. Or rather one should say, she “was.”

This is because the two are no more good friends. This is probably because of the affair.

Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce
Source: Hollywood Gossip

The claims of Richard are also backed up by Giles Coren. Coren is well known for covering the royal family. This is for years and therefore is considered a reliable source.

Are they getting divorced?

There are speculations that the royal couple might get divorced. The two are in talks of divorce. This is also according to speculations.

According to the globe, the two are even consulting lawyers regarding the same. According to the entertainment magazine, this started as soon as the rumors hit social media.

Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce
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Moreover, Globe says that Kate feels humiliated. Moreover, she no more wants to be “played by a fool.”

The Royal couple also had confrontations. This is according to Business Times who claims it to be from an unnamed source.

In this confrontation, Prince William denied any affairs with Rose Hanbury. So, there are high chances that these rumors are fabricated.

Moreover, even the lawyers of the Royal family deny any such news. This is inclusive of the rumors of divorce.