Kate Middleton divorce with Prince William separated cheating

Kate Middleton and Prince William are the most popular members of the royal family. The couple has been in the headlines ever since their marriage due to a variety of factors including their participation in charities as well as appearing in the various ceremonies of the royal family.

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Cheating scandal

Kate Middleton divorce with Prince WilliamBut lately, the couple has been in news for all the wrong reasons. There were many rumors regarding William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury. Rose is a close friend of the royal family and she is also the wife of David Cholmondeley, who is the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley.

After her wedding with David, Rose became a part of Turnip Toffs, a group of British aristocrats closes by. Rumors have revealed that Kate Middleton asked William to kick Rose out of the royal circle when she came to know about their affair.

Now there have been new reports by a magazine called Star Magazine which suggest that Kate and Prince William have been living separately following the scandalous incidence. The British magazine said that Kate was unhappy with her marriage and moved out of the palace taking all the 3 kids to her parents’ house.

Source speaks out

Kate Middleton divorce with Prince William separated cheatingGossip Cop revealed that apart from Star Magazine, no other major news outlet has reported Prince William and Kate Middleton getting separated or having a divorce. The outlet also accused Star Magazine of publishing fake news in previous instances.