The royal couple, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and future king of Britain, were spotted together in London amidst divorce rumours last week. To visit the Rescue Helicopter Base and Coastguard search, the royal couple made their trip to North Wales.

The royal couple posted a happy picture with their three children while travelling to North Wales.

Duchess of Cambridge, Collapsed

The reports of the royal couple’s separation broke the news out. Kate Middleton decided to go on trial separation after the news of Prince William’s alleged affair. She reportedly claimed to be staying at her parents’ home along with her three children.

Sources revealed that Kate Middleton was terrified with the divorce news and would even faint at the prospect. She was devastated with the fear of her separation with Prince William. She was overwhelmed with the constant thought that her marriage could not be saved.

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Kate Middleton is in a frazzled state.

Although the lawyers of the royal family have already denied the allegations. Claiming infidelity rumours involving Prince William, the cheating stories have only stemmed. The rumours were refuted by the names of ridiculous claims and false narratives.

However, the anonymous source revealed Kate Middleton being emotionally vulnerable. It was revealed that Kate Middleton would often cry hysterically after locking herself in the bathroom.

According to the sourced reports, she had also fainted during the event.

Kate Middleton’s Peaking Divorce Rumours

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge divorce rumorsMoreover, there is no definite proof about the royal couple’s separation as of now. However, in a statement given to the Global, the source, also an insider, revealed saddening details of Kate Middleton’s vulnerable state of mind,

“Tormented by fears of her husband cheated and her royal marriage can never be saved, Kate worked herself up into such a frazzled state and she has been picking at her food, barely eating.”