Suits season 9 episode 5 release date cast

Patrick J. Adams is making a return in Suits season 9. The actor started his career as Mike Ross, a lawyer, in the Suits. The actor will again be a part of the final season of the series.

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Patrick J. Adams is set to do a guest stint in episode 5 of Suits season 9, but fans wonder if there will be only one guest stint.

Suits creator confirms the return of Patrick J. Adam aka Mike Ross in Season 9

Suits season 9

Patrick J. Adams agreed to be a part of Suits season 9; the news was confirmed by Aaron Korsh, the creator of the series.

Since Patrick J, Adams is the core of the series; the creators were sure to reprise his role, confirms writer and director of the show.

In a statement given to Deadline, series creator Aaron Korsh said:

“[Adams] is the foundation of the show; it was built on him, others also but the very foundation we built on Patrick and Mike, and we all wanted to have him back. It was about how to integrate him organically and in a satisfying way.”

Suits Season 9 to feature a legal battle between Mike and Samantha

Suits season 9

Patrick J. Adams is all set to begin the filming for season 9 in early June. Patrick J. Adams aka Mike Ross will battle against Samantha, played by Katherine Heigl, and Harvey played by Gabriel Macht, in Suits season 9.

Mike Ross shares a history with Harvey, and he will now be against her in the legal battle.

New conflicts to arise in the upcoming Suits season!

Suits season 9

Fans are likely to witness some conflicts and fun scenes in Suits season 9 episode 5, teases creator Aaron Korsh. He also anticipates viewers to go emotional during certain scenes.

The return of Meghan Markle, playing the wife of Patrick J. Adams in the series, is not confirmed. However, creators hope for Meghan Markle’s cameo in season 9.

Meghan Markle had quit Suits to focus on following her Royal duties.

As per USA Network, season 9 is slated to go on air in July. The spin-off series, Pearson, is likely to debut after the season finale.