Priyanka Chopra Megan Markle Duchess of Sussex

A recent interview with Indian origin actress Priyanka Chopra led to insights into the relationship between her and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Chopra candidly talked about the criticism Megan has faced since her wedding.

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She talked about how challenging things have been for Meghan because of the racist abuse she has faced at the hands of the British press.

Chopra speaks out on the racism

Chopra was asked if the criticism has any relation with racism and she replied that it is quite obvious that these things are happening only because Megan is a dark-skinned woman. She also stated,

“But the beauty of Meg is that she’s been herself through all of this. A lot of people got to know her after everything, but I knew her before and she’s the same chick.”

Chopra further added that the Duchess is using her high profile status to bring awareness to the same issues that she has worked towards before getting involved with the royal family. She said that now that Meghan has a platform for it, she has been using her popularity and power to talk about things that are close to her heart.

She said,

“We spent hours speaking about the difference that influence and dialogue can make to the world before this whole thing happened, so what you see now is authentically her. She’s always been the girl wanting to move the needle.”

Reveals her political ambitions

When asked to comment on the relationship of the Duchess with the media, Priyanka seemed sad and said that even though it is quite unfortunate, she is confident that Meghan can handle anything the press throws at her.

Priyanka father talked about her ambitions and revealed that someday she would like to run for the Prime Minister of India. She also added that she would want her husband Nick Jonas to run for the President of The United States.

“I don’t like the things associated with politics… but I know that both of us really want to make a change. Never say never.” added Priyanka.