PUBG Mobile

Since its launch PUBG Mobile was the second most downloaded mobile game with more than 300 million downloads.

The developer of PUBG and PUBG Mobile have been raking in huge amounts while gameplay is suffering and this behavior of the developer has faced a lot of criticism.

PUBG Mobile Bugs

For starters, PUBG Mobile is a downscaled version of PUBG which is battle royale game where 100 players drop from a plane on an island and fight till death to become the sole survivor.

After dropping players have to loot the island, loot is spawned randomly and then a death zone starts collapsing in forcing players to fight.

The game was launched with a single map called Erangel but developers have added three more maps. These are named Miramar, Sanhok and a new snow map called Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile developers continuously push updates with new contents like skins, costumes and Royal Pass. They recently launched a subscription service called PUBG Prime and PUBG Prime Plus.


Even though the updates are published continually users have reported about the subpar quality of gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Powerbang

The recent update has plagued the game with many issues.

A popular PUBG Mobile streamer Powerbang who is known also known for spending crazy amounts of money on the game. He has more than a million subscribers on YouTube finally called out Tencent.

In his new video, he insinuated that a sound bug has plagued his game and he is unable to hear anything.

He reports that directional sound is not working he can only hear the noise.

Powerbang in his previous video called out Tencent to fix other bugs in PUBG mobile like automatic doors, M16 burst mode, hill glitches, desync, and headshot mechanics.

PUBG Mobile Fix

As of now, there is no official word from Tencent, but we hope that developers pay heed to their communities requests. They might lose the player base in the advent of a game like Call of Duty Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile.