One Piece manga series is currently going through its Wano arc. And all the chapters of this arc are all decked with new developments and revelations. The manga has become quite amazing after the Whole Cake Island Arc and we just can’t get enough of it.

One Piece manga: Sanji’s Head Injury

Sanji has gone through a major character development during the arc of the Whole Cake Island. But, there are some parts of him which have not changed at all, especially from the inside.

And this is proved in a certain moment from a recent chapter of the One Piece manga series.

In the previous One Piece manga chapter, Nami gave a serious glare to Sanji and probably gave him the worst nosebleed ever. And in the latest One Piece manga chapter, Nami ended up giving him a head injury, which was hilarious.

One Piece manga, Sanji’s Head Injury

What led to Sanji’s head injury in One Piece manga?

In the previous chapters of One Piece manga, Sanji donned his Raid Suit and revealed its powers of invisibility.

And there were hints that he was going to use these powers around women. And this became concentrated when someone felt an eerie presence in the ladies’ bathhouse.

But, X Drake comes to inspect the bathhouse and searches for the crescent moon tattoo on the ankle. And that is when Nami mistakenly exposes her naked body.

One Piece manga Sanji’s Head Injury

So, this served as a distraction for her to flee from the scene.

And this also shocked Sanji and he drops down unconscious because he saw her naked. But, that confirms the fact that he was hiding in the ladies bath house. Hence, that leads to his latest head injury.

Although Sanji claims that he didn’t see anything, Nami punched him so hard that his face became dilapidated. But knowing Sanji’s character, he would say that the beating was worth it.