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One Piece chapter 937 spoilers and release date, How will Luffy escape prison?

One Piece chapter 937 will be bigger than a build-up chapter. The last few chapters haven’t seen many great action scenes. Rather, we got Oda focussing on bringing along on many things that may be significant in the series’ future.

In the last chapter of One Piece, the Bath House sequence was played out, and well, the forces of Kaido are now aware that the members of Germa 66 along with the Strawhat Pirates are still alive.

On the other hand, Zoro is taking in the guy who took his swords. Raizo is asked by Kawamatsu to help him break out. Luffy is taking on others And the fight has been started by him with a Conquerer Haki blast. One Piece chapter 937 is going to be great and we all are so excited about it.

One Piece chapter 937: Spoilers and Predictions

One Piece 937 Spoilers and Predictions

So now we will be doing a breakdown of One Piece chapter 937 and this may contain some spoilers, so if you’re avoiding them, we advise you to stop here.

The next One Piece chapter will see the arrival of Big Mom at the Prison. We know that Luffy is getting stronger, but he still isn’t at his best. He might last out there for sometime, but we don’t believe it would last long.

It’s likely that Big Mom will come to rescue in One Piece chapter 937 and she will arrive, it might be trouble be for Queen. Hulu and Luffy will have somehow get off their collars someway. Will Rayleigh’s technique come into use? Or they will be removed in some way?

One Piece Chapter 937: Release Date

One Piece 937 Release Date

One Piece chapter 937 may come early, as per sources. If this is true, we may get treated with a lot of spoilers and the release of One Piece will come out earlier than usual. One Piece chapter 937 will be out next week. The official release of One Piece 937 is on March 25.

One Piece Chapter 937: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans for the next chapter of One Piece will come out on March 22.

Written by Vasu Sharma

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