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One Piece 937 spoilers and release date

One Piece 937- Release Date And Spoilers

One Piece 937 spoilers might be yet to release officially but that doesn’t mean we’re completely blank on what’s going to happen.

One Piece 936 is out now and that chapter was amazing. We all loved it a lot, and we feel it was much better than the last week’s chapter. We saw the Queen this week in One Piece and Luffy too. Queen also made a plan that had all prisoners wearing explosive collars.

One Piece: Story so far…

One Piece- SO FAR WE SAW...

Once they wear them, they are forced to battle watch one-v-one, and only one could survive. Luffy also has an offer to associate with Beast Pirates if he wishes to. They manage to uncuff Luffy, even using CoC on a few timid prisoners, wanting a real challenge. Meanwhile, we also saw Nami and others meeting Hawkins and Drake.

They managed to escape, except Sanji who gets stuck with them there. While Zoro fights the people at Ringo who wanted his sword, calling him a bandit. We are expecting incredible things in the next chapter. So let’s move on with chapter 937 of One Piece.

One Piece 937: Spoilers and predictions

One Piece 937- Spoilers

We expect to see a lot of fascinating stuff in One Piece 937 spoilers. Firstly, Luffy may have to face some real challenges. Luffy needs a step up from now, although we did see a few fighting Luffy in the last chapter.

We also believe that in One Piece 937, Queen may soon be asked to take on Luffy, but this will most likely cut short. Big Mom will enter the prison, giving Luffy the diversion he needs to break out of the prison. Sanji may also take on Hawkins and Drake.

Sanji is really strong but we don’t believe he will be able to take on both Hawkins and Drake in One Piece 937. He may end up defeated and captured if he fails to escape. We may also see Zoro rubbings and meeting Nami and Robin on the way. They will head to somewhere safe.

One Piece 937: Release Date

One Piece 937 will come out next week. The release date is March 25, 2019.

One Piece 937: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans will come out on March 22.

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