One Piece Chapter 936 raw scans and spoilers are here in all their glory! Not too surprisingly, this week’s edition too, Eiichiro Oda has indulged in the good old fanservice.

One Piece chapter 936 spoilers

One Piece chapter 936 opens up with Raizou trying to find keys for the handcuffs so that Kawamatsu might escape.

Meanwhile, Luffytaro and the rest of the party are forced to wear some sort of exploding collars so that they could be executed publically. Grand Sumo Inferno is started. Two people are pit against each other and will have to keep winning the sumo contest. However, if Luffytaro decides to join the beast pirates, only he will be forgiven of his crimes and saved from execution.

One Piece Chapter 936

Since their opponents are much greater in number and are armed with weapons, Luffytaro demands his handcuffs to be taken off.

In a typical One Piece fashion, chapter 936 also has a lot of exciting fight scenes. Once the handcuffs are off, fighting begins and Luffytaro ends up beating each one of the fodder along with CoC. He then demands the next group to come and fight him while also exclaiming that the fodder wasn’t even good enough to provide him with training.

Few pages later, One Piece chapter 936 continues with Drake finding O-Nami while he is patrolling the bathhouse. O-Nami’s towel slips and she ends up being completely naked in front of Drake. Sangoro who is hiding in the background also sees this and has a nosebleed. This makes O-Nami aware of everybody’s presence and everybody runs away.

Stealth Black of the Germa 66 gets recognized by Drake and Hawkins. Sangoro reveals that Bepo and company got captured so that they can get into the scrutiny of Law.

In other pages of One Piece chapter 936, Zorjuro is seen fighting in the Ringo season. The reason for this attack is Shusui. The opponent accuses Zorjruo of being a bandit after Zorjuro claims that he will loot his weapon once he has defeated him. The chapter ends here.

One Piece chapter 936 raw scans

As of writing this, two images for One Piece chapter 936 raw scans have leaked. We will keep updating the space in case there are any more leaks.

One Piece Chapter 936 raw scan page 1

One Piece Chapter 936 raw scan page 1

Release date

One Piece chapter 936 is scheduled to release on March 18th, 2019.

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Chapter 936 Grand Sumo Inferno.
Raizou went looking for the key for the handcuffs in order to help Kawamatsu escape.
Luffytaro and others were forced to wear collars that could explode for public execution. They start the Grand Sumo Inferno, 2 person will have to go against each other and keep winning in the sumo contest, but if Luffytaro joins the beast pirates, him alone will be forgiven.
Since Luffytaro and the others’ opponents are equipped with weapons and have the advantages of numbers, they ask for Luffytaro’s handcuffs to be taken off.
Luffytaro take care of all the fodders with CoC and ask for the next group, he said that these guys can’t even provide training for him.
On the other hand, while patrolling in the bath house, Drake found O-Nami, who’s towels fall off and is all naked.
Sangoro, or I mean Soba Mask, who’s been hiding saw this and have a nosebleed. Everyone were discovered and had to get away.
Looks like Drake and Hawkins both recognized “Stealth Black” of the “Germa 66”
According to Sangoro, in order to get the attention of Law, Bepo and the others were captured.
Meanwhile, Zorojuro is fighting.
Zorojuro is currently in the Ringo region, he’s being attacked because of Shusui, and he also stated that they need a lot of weapons so he’s going to take this opponent’s weapon for collection. The opponent called Zorojuro a bandit.
Credits to EtenBoby and Oro Jackson

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