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One Piece Chapter 936 release date and predictions. How will Luffy escape prison?

One Piece Chapter 936- Release Date and Predictions- How Will Luffy Escape Prison

One Piece Chapter 936 is on its way, and fans will see how Luffy will survive what is to follow. Eiichiro Oda is excellent at creating hype with every single One Piece chapter.

As fans saw in the last chapter, Luffy will face yet another life or death case which he most likely won’t be able to escape, ie., if the Queen’s mind doesn’t change or no comes for his aid.

One Piece Chapter 936 spoilers and predictions: How will Luffy make out of this?

One Piece Chapter 936- How will Luffy make out of this?

As stated, Luffy is going to face the Queen, who is a big name in Kaido’s crew. Now how will Luffy get out of this?

We’ve already seen Luffy escaping death on many occasions in One Piece manga. Beginning from getting saved by lightning, his father, surviving poison given by Magellan, and a lot more. While chances of Luffy getting out of this alive seem pretty slim, he still has a chance of staying alive. But then how?

One Piece Chapter 936: Predictions

One Piece Chapter 936- Predictions

For now, the only we see Luffy escaping is via some outside help by Kawamatsu and Raizo. As we know that Kawamatsu is a really strong Samurai who has served Oden in the past and knows that Luffy has been helped by Raizo. We don’t doubt that Luffy will be ignored by Kawamatsu.

In One Piece Chapter 936, as per a Reddit user @Time__of__Kaos, Big Mom will reach the prison and we may also get to see a new character (the man/mink) in the prison, while another user @taiskiee predicts that the Queen won’t get so injured so that he could take part in the last fight.

“Big moms arrives at the prison

Queen’s enel face

We met a new character (the man/mink) in the prison

We find a panel were buggy was at the reverie

We see Sanji going to the mix baths”

“Queen probably wouldn’t get so injured that he can’t be apart of the final fight. Big mom’s presence might lead to a jail break with all the key characters escaping, including Caribou. Her presence alone would make Queen freak out and leave/flee and report to Kaido.
Sanji just misses out on the bathhouse.”

The presence of Big Mom may also lead to a prison break (that’s we all are predicting), which will lead to the escape of all main characters, including that of Caribou. Her presence wouldn’t make Queen lose her shit and flee to report to Kaido.

“Queens shocked face will be amazing again as big mom ruins his day. Zoro will either not be seen, will be in the most unlikely area or will have stumbled into something super important.”

  • Luffy looses his shakles as a cliffhanger
  • Kawamatsu has a face reveal
  • He lacks some of his limbs, either looks absolutely awesome, or absolutely gruesome (Oh My God, what had they done to him?!), or maybe both
  • No Big Mom this week, maybe in 937/938 as cliffhanger
  • This Prison Break gonna take a while

“Feel like we’ll be focusing only in the prison this week.

Queen could probably remove the seastone , completely or to a certain degree, in relation to his epthlet and does so for Luffy in exchange for whatever idea Queen has. The idea would be something entertaining but not bloody like a fight to the death. Luffy wins and ends up getting Queen’s favor but since he’s bound to Kaido, he’ll turn a blind eye (because a deal is a deal) and let Luffy off the hook. Queen thinks that letting Luffy go is okay because it will difficult for Luffy, Law and Kid to safely leave Wano while thinking how many forces the Beast Pirates + Orochi has against the three captains. The chapter ends with Luffy, being unreasonable as he is, smashing udon prison with G4 thus freeing the prisoners including Kawamatsu, whose face is finally revealed to us. Queen is shocked (using that funny face of his) that Luffy has still so much energy despite getting knocked down by Babanuki earlier and is now sweating buckets on how he’s going to explain this to Kaido.”

One Piece Chapter 936: Release Date

These are just predictions and we will see more things come to life when Chapter 936 of One Piece will release in a few days. One Piece Chapter 936 will come out on March 18.

One Piece Chapter 936: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans are expected to come out a day early so watch out.

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