We are all intrigued by the upcoming One Piece 936. Chapter 935 of One Piece came out yesterday, and we’re most fans would’ve read it already. It was a good chapter according to us, where fans got to see many interesting developments, along with the bounty set by the Queen.

For those who aren’t aware but are reading this, the bounty set by Queen was 1.32 BillionBerries. This happens to be the second highest bounty in One Piece after that of Luffy.

One Piece 936: Story so far

One Piece 936- Story so far

One Piece 935 doesn’t tell you much about the strength of Queen. As all we know is that she’s as strong as Smoothie and probably at the same level as Smoothie. On the other hand, it seems like Zoro has lost his swords, and it’s possible they got stolen by someone.

We also have Sanji looking for Nami and Robin, running after the female bath, perhaps. Shinobu discusses Hyougoro and it’s revealed that if he was there, he will rally the Samurai of Wano against Kaido easily.

One Piece 936 Spoilers: Luffy gets free

One Piece 936- Spoilers- Luffy gets free

Meanwhile, Luffy is going to get out of the Mine Prison in One Piece 936, since Raizo has got the keys to his cuffs. As Raizo is about to free him, the prisoner who kills people using fishbones turned out to be Kawamatsu. The chapter ends right where he asks if Momonosuke is fine. One Piece 936 is becoming really exciting as Kawamatsu was the last Samurai they had to come across.

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All Raizo has to do is to set Luffy free and take down Queen later in One Piece. Post that, we will most probably see Kawamatsu and Hyougoro getting out of the Prison, and this revolution will most likely set to start in the upcoming chapter. Next, we will see what the Queen’s decision is.

It will most likely be to slaughter Luffy, maybe by poisoning him. However, we believe that he will survive and perhaps that’s when Big Mom will come into the scene. Raizo may set Luffy free meanwhile, and this will set the escape into motion.

One Piece 936: Release Date

One Piece 936 release on 18th March.

One Piece 936: Raw Scans Release Date

Meanwhile, the raw scans of One Piece 936 will be out on 15th March.