The latest issue of One Piece 934 came out yesterday and One Piece 935 raw is much awaited. The chapters of One Piece were filled with information that we gathered in Wano Country. We all have loved the whole arc until now, and we all crave more from the forthcoming chapters too.

In case, you’ve been wondering what Big Mom Pirates had been up to all this long, this week, we will finally get a look at it.

One Piece 935: Plot

One Piece 935- Plot

We all know that Big Mom Pirates didn’t do anything at Whole Cake Island. The whole group has reached the Wano Country. They have Big Mom, and without their Captain, they might find themselves in a pinch. Big Mom may end up killed in One Piece 935 and in case this happens, either Charlotte or Perospero will become the new Captain of Pirates crew.

This has been obvious from the very beginning. We then move to Big Mom’s pirate crew which is heading towards the Prison (Mine Prison). The crew desires to help Luffy break out, getting there as quickly as possible.

Robin, Kanjuro, Nami, Shinobu and Brook are at Ringo at the same time. This is where they will decide their next plan. We cut to the Flower Capital where we find everyone sad and crying, thanks to the death of Komurasaki.

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One Piece 935: Spoilers

One Piece 935- Rumours

Sanji is also wailing at Ebisu Town, and for now, it looks like Page One has been taken down or defeated. Luffy is still fighting his way out of the prison and Eustass Kid has escaped out of it. This is where the Queen shows up. The next chapter, according to me, is expected to focus on the Mine Prison.

The Queen tortured Luffy until she’s intercepted by Raizo. Big Mom manages to break into the prison walls and she attacks the Queen. The coming story in and chapters in One Piece is going to be very interesting and I wish to see Queen going against Big Mom and Luffy. However, it’s safe to assume that Luffy won’t be able to fight until he’s cuffed with seastone.

One Piece 935: New Release Date

The sad news is that One Piece will not publish next week. One Piece 935 will be released on 11th March 2019.

One Piece 935: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans of One Piece 935 will be out on March 8.