What’s up, folks? Today, in this article, we’d discuss the spoilers for One Piece 934. The chapter seems to be one of the most intriguing to date. For now, it looks like we will be focussing more on what Luffy does, more than what’s being done by Shogun, Big Mom and everything apart from that.

One Piece 934: Speculations

One Piece 934- Speculations

Personally speaking, I do feel that the current time is the best to focus on mostly Luffy along with others as we are heading closer to the end of the second act of Wano Country now.

Through the next seven or maybe eight chapters, the second act of Country of Wano will also end. So from this point onwards: Climax is something one must really focus on. The spoilers for One Piece 934 are already surfacing online and as the post suggests, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss here.

One Piece 934: Spoilers OFFICIAL (Kid Escapes From Prison?)

One Piece 934- Spoilers (Kid Escapes From Prison?)

The whole Wano Country at first in One Piece 934, as per the spoilers. There are other things provided in depth, including that of Onigashiama. Cutting back to Luffy now, who seems to be rattled by the guard who ate the Smile Fruit of Alpaca.

Both Luffy and the Guard have conversations in One Piece 934. The guard tells him that it’s close to impossible to break out of the prison for him, thanks to the handcuffs on him. In case Luffy tries to act smart and break out, his arms will get chopped off.

We come across an aged man in One Piece 934 who once helped Luffy when they were both inside the mine. The man doesn’t look like he’s doing too well. It’s like he has been taken down by a six-legged guard. While he’s being taken out brutally, the guy end up swallowing something while panicking. This is well noticed by the guard.

He is bucked up to kill the guard until Luffy enters the fight and rescues him. The aftermath of this is still under covers. As we limped to the end of One Piece 934, we come across Queen the Plague of all three calamities comes over at the mine prison.

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One Piece 934 looks pretty nice and I’m sure there’s way more to this than expected. We really hope that One Piece 934 turns out to be as good as it looks like in the spoilers. One Piece will not be releasing next week, something we expected.

One Piece 934 Release Date and Raw Scans

One Piece 934 will be releasing on February 25, 2019 while the Raw Scans of One Piece 934 will be out by February 22.


From Ishuhui:
Chapter 934: Hyogoro of Flower
Cover: Usopp lay down on a picnic blanket, and he’s talking to parrot resting on his nose.

Near sea of Wano—
The Big Mom Pirates that fall from the waterfall are having a meeting about Big Mom’s rescue.
Perospero claim that since Big Mom’s vivre card is fine, it prove that she’s alive.
She’s probably captured by the enemy(Kaido).
Mont: even though they used to be crew mates, now that they’re both emperors, if mama’s caught, she could be kill.
Perospero: sign looks like the BMP will be the Perospero Pirates from now on.
Daifuku’s not convinced: big bro pero, we haven’t decided who will be the new captain yet.
Perospero: elders come first.
Daifuku: let’s talk with strength ,Katakuri should be the new captain
Smoothie: don’t just say something like mama’s dead, she will be back, you can’t predict mama’s action by using common sense. You Idiots!

Outskirts of Kuri—
O-Tama is talking to Tengu via den den mushi. She told him about Big Mom and he won’t allow her to do such dangerous things.
But they already begin their journey, heading toward Udon on a big lizard.
Big Mom have a Wano style hair now.
Kiku show them the map of Wano.
Wano have 6 regions: Kuri(head mountain,Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village), Kibi(okobore town and another mountain), Flower Capital, ???(graveyard of north), hakubu?(Ebisu town, habu port), and Udon (prison mine).*
Momonosuke remembers the sword swinging slogans that Zoro taught him, however Okiku forbids him from saying it anymore after she heard him.

At Nami group—

Robin told everyone that she have found many information about about the day of the final battle.
Nami talks about the red poneglyph in Wano.
The citizens in the Flower Capital all starts crying when they learned that Komurasaki is dead.

Ebisu Town—.
Sanji also cries about Komurasaki.
From the newspaper Law learned that Kid has already break out of the prison, but Luffy haven’t.

Prison Mine—.
The Alpaca is threatening Luffy, and he will chop off his legs and arms if he dares resist.
The Scorpion guard is beating the old man, ordering him to say who’s been giving him the coupon.
Luffy then attacks the scorpion guard
Then, the all-star Queen arrives at the gate.

*since I am translating from the Chinese, I don’t know the actual Japanese phrase for these places.

Map of Wano: With the Flower Capital at the center, at the upper left is the Kibi area, down left the Udon area, where the mine is located. To the west the Kuri area; Headmountain, Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village. To the right of the Flower Capital there’re the Habu port and the graveyard of north. Onigasima is at the bottom of the map.

Total 15 pages including the cover, no double page
Break next week

New info from dr.Hiriluk:
– BM crew are gathered and they will search for her using vivire card.
– BM is riding an animal that looks like the one Jack was riding – Sanji is crying with a stupid expression and he went back with the others.
– Queen shows up in the last page in front of the prison gate on a motorbike.
– Zoro shows up in a flashback with O-tama.
– Tengu talks with O-Tama
– The alpaca dude spat on Luffy
– There is also an elephant dude Luffy attacks them.
– The chapter ended when Queen arrives

More from redon:

-The Big Mom pirates are all good. They continue on their boat in the sea, specifically in the area of the rocks before reaching the waterfall through which they fell.
-⁠Perospero has a Vivre Card of Big Mom and it seems that they plan to look for her but I think Smothie gives another idea (I’m not clear about it at all).
-Tengu talks to Tama and tells hee to quit (he speaks with a Den Den Mushi mini).
-After the conversation we see the group of Big Mom, Chopper, Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke mounted on a giant lizard like Jack had (in fact, I think it’s the same). He has some bumps on his head, possibly Big Mom has tamed him XD.
-⁠Big Mom has a typical Japanese hairstyle, similar to Robin or Komurasaki. It is here when we see the map of Wanokuni and they tell us that this group goes to the mines.
-We also see that Momonosuke talks about Zoro and a very serious image of him appears.
– We went to the group of Nami, all have managed to escape and are with Kanjuro in a snowy area east of the capital. There is a lot of text in this scene, I do not know what they are talking about.
– In the capital we see people crying in the streets. Then we went to Sanji’s group (with Usopp, Franky and Law), who is also crying over the death of Komurasaki (I think). This group is on the outskirts of the capital.
– Sanji looks thoughtfully at the Raid Suit while Usopp and Franky give him the quarrel (I do not know why XD).
– We go to the prison where the jailer with the smile of the alpaca, talks to Luffy while spitting on him without wanting to. It is a guy with the body of a man and head of alpaca XD.
– Then we see the jailer with 6 legs hitting the old man, that despite the beating he eats all the udon of the soil that he has achieved without wasting anything. In this scene we see in the background another jailer who is a user of the Smile of the elephant, is a guy with a very large body and an elephant head in the stomach.
– Luffy comes running to the rescue, but I do not see what happens you suspect that Luffy is giving a beating to the jailer.
– The chapter ends with Queen arriving at the mine on a kind of giant 4-wheel motorcycle while his men shouting his name.