One Piece 938 is up next and we are excited for this chapter. Chapter 937 of One Piece was the best that we saw in the last few weeks and saying that we just enjoyed it will be far too less than what it deserves. Chapter 937 of One Piece began with Luffy present in ring, after taking out the gifters and pleasures now. But he is also still working upon his Haki.

One Piece 938: Spoilers

There’s no denying that Luffy is becoming stronger with every passing day. He still wants to bring his level to Rayleigh’s level. Rayleigh protected himself with an invisible armour Haki on his body which he used to hurt his opponents, without having to touch them.

Luffy wants to reach that level and it would be intriguing to see how he reaches there. In the meantime, Zoro fights Gyukimari before an assassin. Zoro defeated him very easily and the fight didn’t go on for much time.

One Piece 938: Predictions

One Piece 938- Predictions

We all are fully heading towards the upcoming One Piece chapter and we are really excited about it. We speculate seeing something with Kamazo and Zoro.

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Now that Kamazo the Manslayer has been taken down, Zoro may finally get Gyukimaro’s respect, who will treat him and also return Shusui to him. He may also follow Zoro before ending up joining the Strawhats Pirates against Kaido.

Talking about Luffy in One Piece, we might get to see him going against more powerful beings and we speculate a Six Flying Fighters member to come up to fight Luffy, who is practising his Haki, trying to get better at it.

Big Mom is also inching closer to Mine Prison. Sanji and team may also be seen after Bepo, Law and others.

One Piece 938 will certainly move around Zoro, Big Mom and Mine Prison. We may also get to see Raizo rescuing Luffy. A fight between Big Mom and Queen may also be seen as they will go against each other for food.

One Piece 938: Release Date

Chapter 938 of One Piece will release Next week. The release date is April 1, 2019.

One Piece 938: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans of One Piece 938 will out tomorrow, March 29.