Chapter 937 of One Piece came out this past week, becoming one of the most impactful chapters in the Wano act that we’ve seen so far. All of us have really enjoyed it as we witnessed some really serious things for the very first time from Zoro, since we have been through the whole time skip. Zoro has taken on against Kamasou who was after Otoko, trying to murder her.

One Piece Chapter 938 recap

One Piece Chapter 938- Story so far...

It was then that Zoro agreed to spare her just for some food and booze. At first, Zoro did face some struggle against Kamasou the Manslayer, but as the battle progressed, he kept getting more and more comfortable.

Thanks to Gyukimaru, Zoro ended up hurting Kamasou’s shoulder. Then he ended Kamazou in a single shot. Meanwhile, in One Piece, Luffy kept on with his training, as he was attempting to practice a new kind of Haki.

One Piece Chapter 938 spoilers and predictions

One Piece Chapter 938- Spoilers

In the following One Piece chapter, we believe we’d see Luffy going against Kaido’s Six Flying Fighters. This should be the next step, according to us and after Luffy takes him down, we might see him going against Queen. Based on the spoilers and predictions by other fans, we don’t believe that Queen would interrupt this at the moment. Luffy is busy training in One Piece chapter 938 and he needs to be stronger if he wants to take down Kaido.

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Eventually, we may see Queen but before all of that, many manga spoiler predictions hint Luffy will have a strong hold over Armament Haki. After this takes place in One Piece, we think we will finally witness Big Mom arriving there and then end up eating Queen’s Oshiruko and then take him out entirely. We may also get to see Sanji taking on Law as he would tell him what happened with Bepo and rest in One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 938: Raw Scans And Release Date

Chapter 938 of One Piece will come out later this week. The release date scheduled is April 1 and the scans will come out by 29th March.