One Piece 937 Chapter spoilers and release date – What happens to Luffy and Zoro?

    One Piece 937 Chapter spoilers and release date – What happens to Luffy and Zoro?

    One Piece 936 chapter was splendid and before we could move on with One Piece 937 chapter spoilers, let’s take a walk down the memory lane of the previous chapter. We saw Luffy and Queen again, with Queen planning to make all the prisoners wear an explosive collar.

    One Piece Chapter 937: Story so far

    One Piece Chapter 937 Story so far

    And after they’ve worn it, they are forced to fight watch one-v-one, with only one survivor remaining. If Luffy wishes to, he is offered to join Beast Pirates. He’s uncuffed and even used CoC on weak ones, begging for a real challenge. We also find Hawkins and Drake running into Nami and others.

    Everyone, except Sanji escaped. While Zoro fought those at the Ringo, everything seems set for a great One Piece 937 chapter.

    One Piece 937 chapter spoilers: Luffy and Zoro

    One Piece Chapter 937 Spoilers Luffy and Zoro

    According to One Piece 937 chapter spoilers, we will see more of Luffy and Zoro. Luffy is taking down one enemy after another and while he’s doing that, he’s getting stronger. Luffy also has a Rayleigh flashback.

    One Piece 937 chapter spoilers also point that Luffy is trying to improve his Haki. He would be way too strong once he gets out of prison. Zoro is also getting good. While Zoro is fighting Kamazo, he struggles at the beginning but at the end, he takes him out with his new move, Inferno Onigiri.

    One Piece 937 chapter predictions

    One Piece Chapter 937 Predictions

    One Piece 937 chapter will see more challenges for Luffy. He needs to step his game up and we believe that Queen will soon take on Luffy but it will most likely stop due to something. Maybe, it’s Big Mom Invasion into the prison, giving Luffy the diversion he needs.

    Sanji may be really strong, but we don’t believe that he may take on both Hawkins and Drake simultaneously in the next chapter of One Piece. Sanji may find himself captured or may manage to slip out. Nami and Robin may come across Zorro while he’s on his run.

    One Piece Chapter 937: Release Date and Raw Scans Release Date

    One Piece 937 will come out next week.

    The official release date is March 25. The raw scans will be out on March 22.

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