One Piece chapter 938 spoilers and raw scans have just been released on Reddit. And based on the past record, these spoilers seem to be the real deal and not just some fan predictions.

One Piece chapter 938 spoilers

Before beginning, we should clarify that Hiptoro is in no way connected to the source of these One Piece chapter 938 spoilers and raw scans. And even though the source has proven to be worth its salt in the past several times, there’s still always a slight chance that these spoilers and raw scans do end up being fake. That being said, here are the freshly released spoilers in all their glory.


“Source: Baidu and Recon

Cover Request : Crocodile with birds

– Gyukimaru leaves Oihagi Bridge while Zoro faints.

– Inuarashi talks with Kinemon about tattoos.

– In Flower Capital, Kyoshiro talks about tattoos too.

– Sanji has been beaten by Nami.

– The girl with Toko heals Zoro wounds.

– It seems the girl Zoro saved, falls in love with Zoro.

– It is confirmed that Zoro have beaten Kamazou.

– Last page is about the girl who is named “Hiyori” and she is looking for her brother “Kozuki Momonosuke”.

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One Piece Chapter 938 raw scans

So far only two pages of the upcoming One Piece manga chapter have been released. We’re on the lookout for more raw scans and will be updating this space as more are released. Till then, here is everything:

One Piece Chapter 938 raw scan page 1 One Piece Chapter 938 raw scan page 2