One Piece chapter 939 spoilers, predictions and new release date

One Piece chapter 938 came out last week,  which have got the fans all juiced up for the next chapter of the manga.

However, as we revealed in our last article, Eiichiro Oda is on a leave this week, which means that fans won’t be getting the new chapter this coming week.

Now as we know that we won’t be seeing any new One Piece chapter this coming week, all we can do is predict the events that may happen in the next chapter 939 of One Piece. Before we begin, this article may contain some spoilers, so if you don’t want them, you may stop right here.

One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers and predictions

One Piece 939- Predictions

Chapter 938 of One Piece featured Big Mom alongside Chopper and others, travelling to the district of Udon. According to the manga spoilers/predictions so far, we may get to see them before Udon. Linlin can also just smell out the Shiroku off the queen.

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Coming to the Mine Prison, we already come across Luffy trying to win against everyone he faces. Soon, it’s realized by Queen that everyone will be eventually beaten down so he makes a new list of prisoners who will take on Luffy which also includes those of the Heart Pirates.

During the Mine Prison fight, we see Raizo making his move, helping Kawamatsu moving out of his prison. He went unnoticed by the guards and the duo plan to help Hyogoro and Luffy. Based on the predictions and unconfirmed spoilers for One Piece chapter 939, we may also finally get to see the arrival of Big Mom to Mine Prison, which takes Queen by surprise. Queen quickly sends his messenger to deliver this news to Orochi and Kaido in Prison.

One Piece Chapter 939 release date

One Piece 939- Release Date

One Piece 939 will release on April 15.

One Piece 939 raw Scans release Date

The raw scans of One Piece Chapter 939 will be out by this weekend.

You may stay tuned for more One Piece manga and anime updates.