One Piece chapter 938 digital scans have released and a prime highlight is the sudden revelation of Kuzuki Momonosuke’s missing sister since long.

In case you haven’t gone through the last chapters, then we’d like to tell you that this article may contain some major spoilers from the last and upcoming chapter of One Piece. So if you’re avoiding any One Piece manga spoilers, we advise you to stop right here. However, if you’re okay with spoilers, we may continue.

One Piece chapter 938 : Momonosuke’s Missing Younger Sister

One Piece 938, Momonosuke's Missing Younger Sister

A huge question that has been answered upon in One Piece chapter 938’s arc of Wano is Momonosuke’s missing sister. Alongside Kinemon, Momonosuke has gone all the way through the time and came back to the distant future.

This is also the same timeline where we know Luffy currently is.

One Piece chapter 938 had the younger sister of hers turn up. While Zoro was fighting Gyukimaru, a woman named Toko and Hiyori arrived to the bridge asking for help. We know that Zoro isn’t really the baddie, so he ended up helping them take on the chaser.

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This has been Previously speculated by One Piece Fans

This Has been Previously speculated by One Piece Fans

Kamazou was defeated by Zoro which stopped Kamazou from going after Toko and Hiyori. But Zoro seemed to have endured a huge amount of damage before losing his consciousness, falling down on the ground.

He was healed by Hiyori in place that was safe and while the conversation was on, it was revealed that she’s indeed the younger sister to Kozuki Momonosuke’s.

In the past, several fans of One Piece manga have speculated Komurasaki as Momonosuke’s younger siblings. Now that we have it confirmed, a mysterious question of One Piece has been answered. More questions will be answered in the upcoming One Piece chapter 939. Stay tuned.