One Piece chapter 939 is now awaited and if you’re a One Piece fan then you should know that this particular article may carry some spoilers. The last chapter tells us many things which will set up twists in the future that may occur within the Wano arc.

As noticed in the last chapter, Zoro managed to take down Kamazou, saving Toko and Hiyor. But then he went through a lot of damage which made him drop to the ground. On the other hand, Gyukimaru was spotted getting away from the whole scene which looks suspicious, aware of the fact that Zoro is going to be his opponent.

One Piece chapter 939: Plot

One Piece Chapter 939- Plot

In the rest of the country parts, Hawkins and Drake have already arrested many people associated with the markings. Law and Shinobu find themselves in an arguement after Law’s subordinate was accused by Shinobu of leaking important details and information. Before the end of the last One Piece chapter, it was revealed that Komurasaki has been confirmed as Momonosuke’s younger sibling.

Fans will now be shifting to One Piece chapter 939 and at the time of this writing, no one knows what will exactly happen in the next chapter. Fans will, unfortunately, have to wait for two more weeks until they get their hands on the next chapter. This means that we won’t be getting any new One Piece spoilers. But we can still speculate, can’t we?

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One Piece Chapter 939: Spoilers and predictions

For chapter 939 of One Piece we may see more of Zoro. Now that Zoro’s identity has been revealed, he will surely protect her by putting his life on the line. The return of Gyukimaru may happen soon.

Many speculations about Gyukimaru being a loyal Oden’s follower are also around and seeing that Hiyori was helped Zoro, there is a possibility that he may give his weapon to Zoro and help him up. Big Mom may also turn up at the Mine Prison. She will be hunting for more food.

A fight between Queen and Big Mom may happen and we may see Kaido’s strong man lose up.

One Piece Chapter 939: Release date

It was announced by Eiichiro Oda that after chapter 938 of One Piece, he will be on break next week.

One Piece 939 will be out in a couple of weeks. So, we may expect to see the chapter on April 15.