One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers and new release date:

Chapter 938 of One Piece came out and according to us, it was one of the most monotonous chapters that we’ve seen until now. The chapter was really short which is actually fine but it didn’t give away many details. The chapter kick starts at the Wano Country and readers may notice what everyone is up to. Nami and Sanji’s group has successfully escaped the Bathhouse.

On the other hand, we see Law preparing to move out and rescue his whole crew while Shinobu warned to kill the crew mates of Law as they might reveal essential details. Lineman and Inuarashi discussed Zou’s traitor who happens to be the same guy who’s giving info to Kaido at the Wano Country. Zoro, meanwhile, passed out thanks to his wounds and is saved by Komurasaki who reveals herself to be Hiyori after everything is over.

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

Talking about One Piece chapter 939 spoilers, we don’t really know how to react to the whole reveal of Komurasaki. Meanwhile, we get to learn by Oda that Komurasaki is actually Hiyori. But we don’t think that could be the case. This could be a trick of sorts and we shall discover more about Hiyori in the upcoming One Piece chapter. However, we speculate that Komurasaki will continue on being Hiyori for sometime.

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Luffy may also take on some Beast Pirates members in the next chapter of One Piece manga. As of now, he is undergoing tough training to improve his Haki. The most significant part is Law attempting to rescue all his crew mates. This will be intriguing to look out for and it might give us fight against Law too. However, we won’t be seeing it happening this week.

One Piece Chapter 939 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 939- Release Date

One Piece 939 will not release this week. One Piece manga will be on break for the week and will return next week. One Piece 939 will release on April 15.

One Piece Chapter 939: Raw Scans Release Date

Raw scans for chapter 939 of One Piece manga will release by April 12.