Last week saw the release of One Piece 934 and well for us, it may not have been the best chapters that we all were looking forward to One Piece 935 in the whole Wano arc.

There is, however, always one page in every chapter which diverts a lot of attention and gets readers all hyped up for the forthcoming chapter.

One Piece 935: Story so far

One Piece 935- Plot

To those fans/readers, unaware, Eiichiro Oda is on a break for one week. This means that One Piece 935 will come out the coming week. Most fans are still anticipating its release. So let’s go through a quick breakdown of the last chapter and predict the events of what’s to come in One Piece 935.

Here are a few highlights of One Piece 934. Sanji defeated Page One while Eustass Kid broke out of the prison as revealed by the guards. There is also a new character reveal, where Luffy helps an old man. By the chapter’s end, Queen was seen around the prison overhearing a commotion, going on inside the prison. Luffy was the reason behind the commotion, and One Piece 935 will certainly take care of the consequences for his deeds.

One Piece 935: Spoilers

One Piece 935- Rumours

As per analysts, there haven’t been any leaks for One Piece 935 yet. One Piece fans are left with nothing, except speculations about what might happen in One Piece 935. An obvious thing that my take place is Luffy may find himself getting tortured at the hands of Queen.

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This would be a punishment to Luffy for his commotion insider the prison. This whole scenario could the apt time to begin the rescue operation planned by Raizo. Heading back to the new chapter reveal, the old man helped and rescued by Luffy and Eustass Kid is a former leader of the infamous Yakuza gang. This will certainly play a significant role in the development of storyline as it goes ahead.

One Piece 935: Release Date

As we wrote above, One Piece 935 won’t be releasing this week. One Piece 935 will make its way on March 11, alongside the Shonen Jump weekly magazine.

One Piece 935: Raw Scans Release Date

Digital or raw scans are usually released days before the actual release, so you may expect something in the opening week of March.