Are you guys searching for any new chapter spoiler here? Well, don’t go beyond, as we have One Piece 934 raw scans and spoilers news. So without wasting no time, let’s jump into this week’s new chapter.

The last chapter of One Piece 934 left us with many queries. What happens to Koramusaki and some intriguing Big Mom related events. It seems like we will have to wait for a few more events with Big Mom in One Piece 934. One Piece 934 suggests we will have to wait more as the story takes us back to prison where Luffy is.

One Piece 934 Spoilers

One Piece 934 Spoilers

Titled as Hyogoro of Flower, the title cover shows Usopp resting on a picnic blanket. He’s also surrounded by parrots in the scene.

One Piece 934 spoilers features the Map of Wano, pointing out at the major areas like the Kibi Area, Bakura Town, Amigasa Village, Kuri Area and Udon Area. The Habu Port, Onigashima and Graveyard are also featured in One Piece 934.

Talking about the One Piece Chapter 934 content, we see Luffy getting threatened by guard who is a devil fruit (Alpaca) user. Luffy is told by the guard that it’s impossible to break out of the prison with his handcuffs on. He even threatened him to cut his arm, in case he resists.

In the meantime, we come to the mining area, where the old man is taken down by a six-legged guard. The guard noticed the old man swallowing something. Luffy later tried to rescue but the end result isn’t shown as it changes to the Queen’s arrival at the prison.

One Piece 934 Raw Scans

One Piece 934 Raw Scans

No raw scan of One Piece 934 has been revealed in any raw scan yet. We do recommend to follow us to know more on this.

One Piece 934 Release Date

One Piece 934 will release on 25th February, alongside the weekly Shonen Jump magazine. However, in case you’re going through the manga online, be ready to see the digital copy of One Piece Chapter 934 by Friday or Saturday.

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