Chapter 934 of One Piece came out last week, and well, it didn’t really turn out into one of the best chapters that fans are looking forward to in the arc of Wano. Whatever one might say, each chapter gets the apt attention of readers and get hyped of the next release of One Piece.

One Piece 935: Release Date Delayed

One Piece 935- Release Date Delayed

For those readers who still don’t know, Eiichiro Oda is currently on a break of one week, which means that Chapter 935 of One Piece will come out next week. As we are anticipating its official release, let’s go quickly through the last chapter and predict events that may occur in Chapter 935 of One Piece.

One Piece 935: Plot

One Piece 935- Plot

Few highlights of One Piece 934 is Page One getting defeated by Sanji, the Eustass Kid escaping the prison as revealed by the guards. An all-new character is revealed and Luffy helps the aged man. Towards the chapter’s end, Queen was seen at the forefront of the prison, hearing a commotion from inside. One Piece 935 will take care of the consequences of Luffy’s actions, as he was why this commotion takes place inside the prison.

One Piece 935: Rumours

One Piece 935- Rumours

There haven’t been any official leaks until now, but One Piece fans are just thinking about what may happen in the upcoming chapter of One Piece. Obvious speculation has been Luffy getting tortured by the Queen and there’s a possibility that this is the best time to start the rescue mission planned by Raizo.

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Talking about the fresh character, the aged man helped by Luffy and Eustass Kid is actually a leader of the Yakuza gang. This reveal will create a major impact on One Piece 935 as it progresses.

One Piece 935: Release Date

One Piece 935 isn’t releasing this week, which suggests that One Piece 935 should be out on March 11.

One Piece 935: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw/digital scans of One Piece 935 come out days earlier so you may want to check on your manga dealer for the latest One Piece issue.