One Piece episode 882 synopsis, watch online stream

In One Piece anime, the Reverie Arc will continue and with every passing episode, we will take a step closer to the Wano. As many fans would already know, Wano Country falls after Reverie Arc. Reverie in itself is an extremely small arc with just five chapters.

One Piece anime began its adaptation from episode 878 and is now at episode 882. One Piece episode 882 is titled as “Paramount war! Will Of Pirate King”.

One Piece 882 preview

One Piece 882- Preview

It’s safe to assume that the anime’s pace isn’t really that good, but everything they’ve done until now is for Wano arc as it needs to be absolutely flawless. We are finally midway through it and One Piece episode 882 will touch some important point, according to us. Now let’s discuss the episode now.

Big hint: Spoilers ahead

One Piece episode 882 spoilers

One Piece 882- Spoilers

Just glancing at One Piece episode 882, lets the readers know that it’s an episode brimming with many flashbacks regarding the Paramount war. It will also give readers an idea as to how far Luffy has grown ever since.

But this episode shall also give new content to the readers. As suggested by the preview, the brand new Admiral Ryokugyu has been revealed to us.

We do not come across him entirely but we come across his silhouette and thereby, you may guess his appearance via that. He has a conversation with Fujitora about being without food for around three years, which could be in relation with Devil Fruit Powers.

The main issue is discussed by Fujitora about bringing up at Reverie alongside Ryokugyu. We are informed that Doctor Vegapunk has now developed a trait that forces Shichibukai obsolete.

Moving ahead, we also come across other characters from various places who arrive at Red Fort to be taken to Mariejois. Shirahoshi and her family are also seen coming in and are escorted by Garp. Reverie conference is also on its way, just one day away.

One Piece 882 release date and how to watch online stream

One Piece 882 will come out on April 28. Fans may watch it online on Crunchyroll or Funimation app.