One Piece Episode 878 spoilers, release date and where to stream online

One Piece Episode 878 is next after One Piece Episode 877 turned out to be an incredible episode in the whole arc. Fukusawa, who’s directing One Piece made sure to deliver a great end to the arc. We all loved the One Piece Whole Cake Island arc and now we shall move ahead to a new arc in One Piece which will be equally exciting.

One Piece Episode 878: Story so far…

One Piece Episode 878 story

As many noticed in the last One Piece episode, Luffy, Sanji and rest of the heroes are now safe and outside Big Mom’s territory. Meanwhile, Jinbe, Judge and all allies made a decision to gather all their forces and face Big Mom.

We don’t know what will happen next but we do see Luffy sailing to Wano with his gang. Episode 878 of One Piece will be really intriguing as it will be the beginning of the Reverie arc. This is going to be intense, so let’s begin.

One Piece Episode 878 spoilers and predictions

One Piece Episode 878- Spoilers

According to the spoilers, in Episode 878 of One Piece, we may see One Piece 903 of manga being animated to some extent. The whole part where Sanji gets back the Raid suit and then Luffy and rest moving closer to the Wano will be seen. Obviously, the huge surprise will be the news report filed by Big News Morgan.

This is going to be really shocking for the whole world as it states that Luffy ended up rallying all, fighting everyone and escaping Big Mom at the Whole Cake Island. This could be seen as a massive loss for Big Mom, but that’s not the truth. Sanji and Luffy have new bounties on their heads. As of the latest One Piece episode, Luffy is at a huge 1.5 billion berries bounty after he defeated two Big Mom commanders.

Meanwhile, Sanji is now second on the list, only behind Luffy. He is at 330 million, which is about 10 million more than Zoro. It’s yet to see how the world reacts to the bounty set on Luffy, and we may see Shanks in the upcoming One Piece episode 878.

One Piece Episode 878 release Date

One Piece Episode 878 will air on March 31, 2019. Fans may stream the episode on Funimation.