So, when will One Piece 876 air? What will take place in the episode? We will be discussing everything in this post here. Before we start, we’d inform you that this article may contain a few spoilers from the next episode too. If you’re saving yourself from the spoilers, we advise you to go no further. However, if you’re okay with One Piece spoilers, we can get kicked off.

Episode 875 of One Piece aired last week and we finally got our first look at Big Mom eating her cake.

One Piece 876 Delayed

It had been such a long time since we had Big Mom chasing the Firetank Pirates and Strawhats that we almost started to get irritated at it. It’s way better than the whole thing has gotten over now.

After the incredible episode that aired last week, we are now moving towards the Whole Cake Island finale. However, this won’t take place this week. One Piece anime, as many of you won’t know, will be on a break this week and will not be airing tomorrow.

One Piece 876: Spoilers

One Piece 876- Spoilers

Episode 876 of One Piece anime will be all about Strawhat Pirates and their escape. Their ship took a massive hit, thanks to Queen Mama Chanter. However, it survived anyhow. This was due to the fact that Wadatsumi took the whole ship in his mouth and tried to escape underwater.

Big Mom Pirates still attack them, but they don’t come across many openings as the Sun Pirates are attacking too. However, as the episode comes to an end, Big Mom comes there are she’s almost about to end everyone. To stop her from doing so, Jinbei asked the Captain to let him stay back. He wanted to take care and protect the rest and also wanted to make way for Luffy to break out of the prison and well, he manages to do so.

One Piece 876: New Release Date

Episode 876 of One Piece won’t premiere this Sunday. Fans will have to wait for One Piece 876 until March 17, 2019. You may stream the episode on Funimation.

One Piece 876 English sub preview trailer

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