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One Piece Stampede new spoilers and release date revealed

One Piece- Stampede- Plot, New Details On Douglas Bullet, Spoilers and Release Date

All fans are really excited for One Piece: Stampede since the time we got to know that Gol D Roger also had a role in One Piece: Stampede to play. However, he isn’t involved directly. But they are finding his treasure in it. The plot of One Piece Stampede is really intriguing, and it seems like Oda is setting it up as something really special.

One Piece: Stampede – Plot

One Piece- Stampede- Plot

One Piece: Stampede will celebrate 20 years of the anime franchise, so one can expect it to be something very special. The involvement of Oda makes it all the way better. In case you’re unaware of the film’s synopsis, it has already been provided in the last One Piece: Stampede article. However, we have an excerpt for you:

One Piece: Stampede will see a Pirate Festival hosted by the Pirates, for them. A massive gathering of Pirates, all big names and small ones, will be there in the film. It will be all about finding God D Roger’s treasure. The fest in One Piece: Stampede will also see Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece: Stampede – Who is Douglas Bullet?

One Piece- Stampede- Who is Douglas Bullet?

Buggy, Smoker, Trafalgar D Water Law and Tashigi will also be present in One Piece: Stampede. The villains present in One Piece: Stampede will be Buena Vista, the festival’s organiser, along with Douglas Bullet. The level of the fight between Luffy and Bullet in One Piece: Stampede will be so massive that it will see the involvement of the Warlords and Marines too.

We have new details of Douglas Bullet too and well, he also has an interesting backstory. He has been a team member to the Rogers Pirates, and we know that he was also imprisoned at some point, prior to the whole time skip. He then escaped and will be going against Luffy for the treasure hunt. But that isn’t all.

He also boasts of incredible power and strength. As hinted by the promo, he has the power of the military of an entire country, which is an achievement in itself.

One Piece: Stampede – Release Date

We simply can’t wait for Luffy to go against him in One Piece: Stampede when it releases on 9th August, 2019.

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