One Piece 877 Release Date and Spoilers The Fifth Emperor Luffy

One Piece episode 877 is all set for this Sunday and fans are excited. One Piece episode 876 came out yesterday and all of us had high expectations from this particular episode.

The point where Strawhats are left by Jinbe in the chapter, he stays back to take care of his crew to hold the Big Mom is one of my most beloved.

Moving to anime, we all had good expectations towards the episode and we feel the creators did just an average job.

Animators like Katsumu Ishizuka, who is a high-quality animator worked on it alongside Tu Yongce, but the entire direction wasn’t up to the mark and the whole thing looked rough at places. We all would have loved if the One Piece episode 877 made a bigger impact but it did fail a lot of fan expectations.

End of Whole Cake Island Arc in One Piece [SPOILER ALERT]

End of Whole Cake Island Ar in One Piece

One Piece anime will be ending the Whole Cake Island storyline in the upcoming episode so let’s deal with that in this article. Before we start, we wish to notify you that this post may contain some One Piece spoilers so in case you don’t wish to get spoiled, we warn you to stop with the post right here. But if you don’t have issues with spoilers, we will begin.

One Piece episode 877 will be the last Whole Cake Island episode and here, we will come across the Strawhats leaving the sea belonging to the Big Mom Yonko successfully. The seat takes a long period of time to get out and without the Seal Slings and held-off forces, it would be impossible for any person to dream of escaping the place.

Return of Shanks in One Piece episode 877?

Return of Shanks In One Piece

The Strawhats manage to pull it off, however in One Piece episode 877. We see the team managing new bounties. While just Luffy had a 1.5 billion berries bounty, Sanji holds the second spot with 330 million bounty. A lot of weird stuff is reprinted by Morgans in the newspaper that depreciates Big Mom’s image and the lies makes Luffy to be known as The Fifth Emperor of the Sea.

Next One Piece episode 877 will see the return of Shanks, and perhaps glimpses of the Yonkos. We also move closer to Reverie, which may commence from the upcoming episode.

One Piece Episode 877: Release/Air Date

Episode 877 of One Piece will come out next Sunday. Fans may have to hold on until March 24 until the next episode, which may be streamed on Hulu and Funimation.

One Piece 877 preview English subbed