One Piece Anime: Spoilers, release date, Reverie arc and more

The Whole Cake Island story arc is going to end in One Piece anime this week and we will be going into the Reverie arc soon. We don’t have anything scheduled to fill in between the two arcs, so from the 878th episode of One Piece, we may reach the Reverie arc.

One Piece Anime Spoilers: Will The Reverie Arc Be The Best?

One Piece 878 Will Reverie Arc Be The Best

The Reverie arc is being speculated as the best in One Piece yet, and its anime will be taking that one level above just like the Whole Cake Island story arc. We must add that our expectations based on the spoiler discussions) for the upcoming Reverie arc are through the roof. We will now talk about the Reverie arc in the following post, so let’s begin.

Before we start, we’d like to tell you that this article may have a few One Piece spoilers for anime, so if you don’t want to know all of that, we suggest you stop right here. However, if you’re unaffected by the spoilers, we may continue.

One Piece Anime: Key Visual

One Piece Anime Key Visual

A Key Visual was recently revealed by Toei Animation for the One Piece arc, giving fans a lot of stuff. It seems the whole visual is adapted by the series designer himself, Kazuya Hisada. It is corrected later by Keiichi Ichikawa.

But to be honest, it might be the other way round. The Strawhat crew is shown back together and alongside them, we see Sabo and Shirahoshi at the end of each picture, which reveals us that the next arc will see a heavy involvement of the Revolutionaries. Shirahoshi will also be present at Reverie, and all of us hope for her to return in the anime.

The prime Revolutionary army commanders will also be revealed in the next arc of One Piece. So far, we have only come across Sabo. But in total, there are four commanders which come under them in One Piece. They are Belo Betty, Lindbergh, Morley and Karasu.

One Piece Anime: Release Date

Episode 878 of One Piece anime which will kickstart the Reverie arc will begin on 31st March on Fuji TV.