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Dallas Cowboys are having a hard time to deal with their players as there are a lot of good names. While the team can’t decide which players to retain or which to move out, there are other things to worry about. Amari Cooper was almost silent in the Cowboys trade talks, but his recent injury has made things complicated.

It was already tough for the Dallas team to find trade deals for Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott and now Cooper is the third name added to the list. Cowboys their best to hide Amari’s injury but now that it is out they have to face the consequences. Here are the details on Cooper injury and reasons how it increased trade deal problems for the Cowboys.

Amari Cooper Injury

Cooper Injury

Amari Cooper was acquired by the Dallas Cowboys from the team of Oakland Raiders and he has hardly played anything till then. The 25-year-old wide receiver was not seen doing much in the training camp of Cowboys due to his injury, It was earlier said that Cooper is suffering through plantar fascia irritation, but it was not true at all.

What the Cowboys side was describing as a bruised heel, is actually more of a ligament issue. Things got so much complicated, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had to give an official statement on the Cooper’s injury issue. He said they are trying their best to bring Cooper on the field and he will be given enough time to heal.

Trouble for Cowboys

Cowboys Troubles

Despite Amari Cooper is on the road to recovery, the troubles for Dallas Cowboys seem to hardly stop at all. Cooper, Elliot, and Prescott are the kind of the trios in the Cowboys team who are having contract issues. Jerry Jones, the owner for the Cowboys is saying that he will try his best to offer the trio the contract they deserve.

But then again Elliot and Prescott are on hold and the same can happen for Cooper. For the current year, Amari is getting $27.7 million, but a contract extension looks impossible at the point. The Cowboys management has to find a way soon or else there is no end to their problems.