NFL regular season is just a few weeks away and all the teams need to make major changes in their roster. Most of the teams have already started to extend the contract of their performing players and deals for the rest. Tom Brady is looking to move out from the Patriots and it has made all the NFL free agents rethink their decision. Here are the NFL free agency deals for Dak Prescott, Philip Rivers, Chris Jones, Amari Cooper and Melvin Gordon.

Dak Prescott

NFL Free Agency Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is in a lot of demands, and the Dallas Cowboys already offered him a $30 million deal for a one-year extension. But the 26-year-old quarterback is too confident in himself and is asking for $40 million per year. The Cowboys are not sure whether they could afford Prescott at such a high price. Although, other teams are interested in Prescott and he might get a deal before October as the next NFL season approaches.

Philip Rivers

NFL Free Agency Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers is another such name who is crucial to their team, and the Los Angeles Chargers can’t afford to lose him. For the next year, the Chargers are moving to the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, which they will share with their city rivals, LA Rams. It would be stupid not to extend the contract for Rivers as other teams are waiting to sign him.

Chris Jones

NFL Free Agency Chris Jones

Chris Jones is considered as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL by everyone, and Kansas City Chief needs to consider it. There have been a few disputes regarding his contract, but still, he went to the training camp for Chiefs. Jones is great at defense, and without him, Kansas City can’t work that much. It would be wise for the Chiefs to make things clear before Jones change up his mind.

Amari Cooper

NFL Free AgencyAmari Cooper

Dallas Cowboys are confused as hell as most of their players are in demand at the free agency. They should prioritize the contract for Amari Cooper as he is hitting the free agency soon. The Cowboys can afford to lose Ezekiel Elliot as he has various replacements including Tony Pollard. Cooper is more important to the Cowboys, and they should renew his contract soon.

Melvin Gordon

NFL Free Agency Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon is already in demand and many NFL teams have lined up to sign him for a deal. Los Angeles Chargers has to decide whether to move out an always injured Gordon or show some more confidence in him. Even Gordon has the option to play with the Chargers for the current season and get a better deal at NFL free agency 2020.

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